Selecting the Right Puppy Breeder

This is the key to you getting the best puppy to suit your lifestyle and needs. I suggest researching and talking to multiple breeders. If you don’t like what the breeder has to say or they come across as short or insecure, then RUN! A good breeder will talk with you about their puppies because they are passionate about them. If you don’t sense the passion, RUN!

After you establish a couple of breeders that sound good, you should schedule a visit to see the adult dogs and the puppies if they are old enough. A good breeder has nothing to hide and wants to show off their dogs. That being said, it is more than reasonable for a breeder to say you can’t see or touch a puppy at a certain age. Main reason is to keep the puppies safe from getting sick…after all they are still developing their immune systems. Mom may normally be friendly but in this time she may be protective of her new puppies…this is ok too, it’s her instinct to keep them alive.

There is always a cost for a quality puppy! When you buy a puppy, buying the cheapest one is not usually the best idea. Consequently, buying the most expensive puppy is not necessary either. Your thinking should be investing in QUALITY genetics or else you will likely be investing in your local Vet and trainers more than others.

Here’s a good starting list of questions that you can ask the breeder:

  • Are you holding any of the puppies back or are you holding any puppy for yourself?
  • Do you vaccinate, worm, and albon your puppies against parasites?
  • Do you start the house breaking process? (I know I do and I believe that a good breeder will have a clean environment for their puppies at all times) By doing this, the puppies will wanna be clean in their new homes and beyond.