Don’t ever do this to your puppy!

How many of you have been on the Internet researching what to do with your puppy? Better yet, how many of you have the one friend or family member who offers you advice on what to do with your puppy? Basic questions will always happen especially if you haven’t raised a dog in a long long time.
What leash do I walk him or her on? How long should it be? Retractable or not? Collar or harness? Well I am here to correct some of the most heinous rumors that people are speaking all across the internet and sadly, across the dog training world as well.
Have you been told that your puppy should always be walked on a short leash, less than 6′ AND that they must be kept by your side at all times? WRONG. This is using FORCE and with force there is NO choice to made by the pup.

A Win Win Solution

How would you feel if I forced you to go everywhere I want to go and NEVER asked where you want to go?  If the puppy is on a longer leash, then it serves a double purpose: 1) You STILL have control and peace of mind & 2) The puppy thinks its winning because now he or she can explore and CHOOSE to return to you. I always believe in teaching puppies they have the choice, even if it ends up being what I wanted them to do in the first place…it was still their choice 🙂

Which brings me to my next point, retractable leashes are great for your dog (SHAKING HEAD FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) … NOPE they are a Charlie Foxtrot waiting to happen.


Harnesses are the greatest invention ever, right? NOPE they are horrible, unless you have a dog under 10-15 lbs OR with anatomical issues like Dachshunds, I highly advise against them.

If you are training in any discipline of tracking or protection work then they are great.  Also, if a rescue organization says that the only equipment you can use on your newly adopted dog is a Martingale collar OR a Harness…RUN and find a different rescue. If they threaten to take back the dog if you do so, then RUN.

This is like you buying a 65″ TV from Best Buy and Best Buy saying you are not allowed to put the TV in your bedroom and it is only allowed in your living room. That would be absurd, RIGHT?  Every piece of training equipment is simply a tool that serves a different purpose. When used properly they are the greatest tools ever.

Do NOT let anyone FEAR MONGER you into their beliefs. People often intentionally use derogatory language to associate fear with equipment they don’t want you to use!  I Hear it every week, multiple times per week. Get educated & seek a professional who has a proven track record for success. Then make a determination for yourself and for your best friend 🙂