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How KrushK9 Saved “Blitz”

This Doberman rescue has a great life ahead of him.  Krushk9 has successfully rescued and trained “Blitz” a doberman that would have...

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Pros and Cons of Crate Training your Dog

Reasons to Crate Train Your Dog House Breaking Animal Safety Safe Transportation Exposure to the crate and comfort in case of...

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Getting your Home Ready for a New Puppy

Picking up your puppy to bring home is exciting!  From my experiences most people want to hold their puppy on the...

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Selecting the Right Puppy from the Litter

Now that you’ve done all your homework, you’re ready to select a puppy. It’s customary to expect a 50% deposit upon...

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Selecting the Right Puppy Breeder

This is the key to you getting the best puppy to suit your lifestyle and needs. I suggest researching and talking...

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