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Over 10 Years of Excellence in Dog Training

Proudly serving New Jersey dog owners for well over a decade, KrushK9 provides highly experienced dog training services that compliment your every need. Our training techniques allow you the opportunity to build the loving and trustworthy relationship that you and your companion deserve.

KrushK9 Dog Training

With a full line of personalized services and hands on experience, we aim to repair unpredictable behavioral tendencies with the utmost love and care, as we consider your family a part of ours. We strive to be among the best dog trainers in the industry by continuing to learn and grow our programs in an effort to guarantee visible results right away.

At KrushK9, we understand the importance of providing trainees with innovative techniques and programs that help reach their full potential and rehabilitation needs. Our knowledge, successful track record and excellent customer service over the years has allowed us to acquire a reputation that speaks for itself. KRUSHK9 is committed to bringing successful services to you and your companion in preparation of a safe and bright future.

The name KrushK9 was inspired by Paul’s first two companions, Kora and Rush. His love and passion for them both is what drives Paul to make his dog training the very best it can be.

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Meet Paul

Meet Paul

Dog Lover / Expert Trainer

Owner/Head trainer with over 18 years of training and experience working with dogs from many disciplines. History of competing in dog sports & never placing lower than 3rd place over various disciplines with any dog he has trialed. Specializes in everything from behavior modification, to puppies, to working dogs/sport dogs/police dogs, to competition dogs. Paul is highly touted for his unique ability to read dogs and their behaviors to get to the root of clients’ issues quickly. He also has a gift for designing group dog training lessons that add skills to take your dog to the next level. Paul has years of experience working with rescue dogs in some of the most difficult situations and backgrounds imaginable. Some of the rescues he works with or has worked with are among the biggest on the East Coast: Second Chance Rescue NYC & Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Additionally, he has trained dogs from well over a dozen local and county run rescues. Paul has built relationships with several local area vets and is routinely called upon to help with difficult dogs and to handle training referrals from them as well.

Meet Kasey

Dog Lover / Trainer

Kasey has been into dogs most of her adult life. She works extremely hard and is passionate about getting you and your dog to a happy place. Working for Krushk9 since 2019, she has helped and trained hundreds of dogs and puppies to date. Kasey is great at getting to the root of your issues and super friendly along the way. Specialties include puppy imprinting & foundation training, low to medium-level behavior modification, in-home lessons, & one on one lessons. Additionally while working hard to service all of her clients’ needs, she has methodically carved out time in her schedule to train her own German Shepherd, Cinder, to perform & compete on higher levels. Kasey continuously strives to take her dog’s training level to new places. To date, she obtained her Novice Obedience Title, blue ribbons, & she took 1st place on their 1st leg of the Rally Title. Kasey loves teaching puppy group classes on the weekend & making a huge impact on those pups & owners for their futures.