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Why Dog Board and Train?

Our Board and Train dog training services allows owners to leave their companion with our professional trainers for an extended period of time. Within that time frame, our goal is to evaluate your dog and customize our training techniques based on your companion’s individual needs to ensure your dog’s success.

Board and Train

What We Do

This training is perfect for those who are going on vacations and would be boarding their dogs anyway.

Rather than placing your dog in a kennel for the time being, consider KRUSHK9’s Board and Train options where your dog will be given the chance to learn, play and socialize with the help of our professional trainers. We guarantee a well-balanced training experience that you will find beneficial for the both of you in the years to come.

We do all the work for you. Come meet us and see the environment your dog will live in before starting with us. We also offer the option to pick up your dog up from your home and drop them off when you return.

As an added service, at the conclusion of the training, we will bring your dog back home to you and demonstrate what they have learned in the comfort of their home environment. We will teach you how to properly continue to train him and will follow through with you until your dog is thriving.