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About KrushK9 Group Dog Training

KRUSHK9 offers Group Dog Training classes targeted to further advance your dog’s ability to socialize among others in a controlled environment. The ability to interact with strangers, distractions and other dogs is an important aspect of both you and your dog’s everyday life. Whether you are simply looking for some friendly interaction or specific areas of training, we encourage and welcome all to join. Our training techniques include heeling, light agility and obedience exercises that will help your dog succeed in any environment. Ultimately, our methods will provide you and your companion with the confidence to properly handle any situation you may both encounter in a safe manner.
KrushK9 Group Dog Training

Group Training

Group lessons are designed for dogs that have a good foundation in basic obedience already. In group lessons we do not teach dogs to perform sit, down, come, heel etc. They should have a basic understanding of these commands prior to participating in this class. Instead, in this class, we aim to improve your relationship by teaching your dog to respond amongst other people, dogs, and distractions. We guide you and your dog through advanced techniques.  Advanced commands and exercises are called in random order throughout the training.  Therefore bringing your dog to the next level. This is more of an advanced training, designed for teamwork, basic problem solving, and ultimately a fun time!