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Ryan Cassen

Paul is great at teaching us how to train our dog! We have a 4 month old Weimaraner that is full of energy! The training that Paul is teaching us is perfect because it really makes Cash use his mind which tires him out much more so than a 2 mile walk- in just the short 2 week sessions the eye contact that this puppy makes with us is amazing! I am so happy we found Paul and that he is giving us lifelong skills to ensure we have an amazing bond with our dog! I could not be any happier and I honestly would recommend Paul to any dog owner!

Stacie Brower

We recently adopted our puppy Cooper and wanted to get him a great start with training. We are so thankful we have Paul, his patience and guidance has made for a happy puppy and happier owner. We are excited to see how Cooper continues to thrive.

Donna Hewitt

WE WILL CALL HIM DOG TRAINER BECAUSE MIRACLE WORKER IS NOT A TITLE! Norton is doing great and this is just under 2 weeks! I wouldn’t have believed the change if I didn’t see it for myself! We tried another trainer before finding Paul and had to literally undo the damage done to poor Norton because of it. We are looking forward to a long and happy life with our well behaved, well trained, and very happy Norton! Thank you Paul!!!!

Dana Mills

Our experience with Paul has been absolutely wonderful! We purchased our German Shepherd from him a little over a year ago, she was a surprise for our kids. From the moment we went down to look at the puppies we fell in love. He cared for all of them and they were crazy about him. Even when we did training sessions, Paul would do a special pup, pup, pup, pup, pup call and Delta would go running to him recognizing his voice. Paul is always available for any questions we have whether it’s for feeding, dietary, obedience, anything, he is very knowledgeable. When we went on vacation, Paul kept Delta with him for two weeks, taking her wherever he went, sending us videos, pictures, taking her to dog parks. She came back a new dog, listening, walking off leash, not chasing her tail…it was AMAZING! And with this new litter coming, it is so tempting to think about adding a new little one to the mix! I would not consider myself a dog person, never have really been crazy about animals, but I cannot imagine my life without Delta now! Our family absolutely loves her!

Deihann Cooper

I believe a picture is worth a thousand words. We bought our German Shepherd from Paul two years ago and it was the best thing we could have done for our family. Training has been a great experience for our family and we couldn’t be more happy. We are an hour away and we took full advantage of every training opportunity because it was educational and fun for the family. We saw lasting results and even now if Briar hears Paul’s voice she is looking for him. He truly cares about the dogs he works with and their families. I know I can contact him with questions and he will help.

Heather Paolo

Paul has been working with our older rescue dog for a few weeks now. We rescued Ginger from the Manhattan shelter. She had a slow introduction to our 2 other dogs. She is a lovey dog for the most part. She did well for a few weeks. We started to notice that she was getting possessive of my son. If we entered a room where he was with a closed door she would growl and advance towards us. She also went after my other female dog a few times. She also showed resource guarding. I found Paul and he began to work with her. Every time he worked with her we saw improvement. He worked with her on an e collar and a pincher collar. The hardest part of it all is training the human. I am learning what to do and what not to do. It is harder for us to change our thinking, actions and routines. I am so much more aware of the tone of my voice and my actions now. We just had Ginger stay and train with Paul while we went away for a few days. We saw pictures and videos of her. The last video I before we got back show her playing and happy. I watched it twice and then my husband said, “Look, she is in her regular old collar and doing well.” She just got back this evening and is listening to voice commands so well. I am so happy to see her doing so well. We weren’t sure if we would be able to keep her in our home with her showing aggression. However, things are looking great and we will continue working with Paul. Our family highly recommends Krushk9! Thank you Paul, I can’t wait to see how much further she will come working with you.

Joe Yuhas

My husband and I are extremely grateful for everything Paul has done for us and our pointer! We could not be happier what he has accomplished for our dog! He has instowed confidence in not only our Callie, also us as owners! IF YOUR LOOKING FOR AN AMAZING, CARING AND PASSIONATE TRAINER HE IS THE TRAINER FOR YOU!

Priscilla Gonzalez

We had Jonah since he was 10 weeks old. He is a good dog with a spunky personality, however had some behavioral issues that were life threatening. He would consistently escapes from the yard or if someone would leave the door open he will run out. He would consistently run around the neighborhood or go to the river close to our house. When we yell “come” however he would never come. He simply wouldn’t obey. We would always fear he would get hit by a car. – Jonah would also reach up eat food from the counter or table when he is alone. I don’t know how many dinners were eaten because I step out of the kitchen for a while. It has been a habit really hard to break. – When people would come over, he would get overly excited and and jump on them. -Jonah would constantly bark at us, like if he was demanding things, especially when would eat at the dinner table. -Jonah would not jump in my truck, so I had to literally carry him up each time I went out with him, which was becoming painful for my back. Paul literally changed all that. He is such a down to earth guy and literally will do his best and go beyond to meet your needs and insure that you have a well-balanced dog. Jonah boarded and trained for about a month, and literally came back a whole new different dog. A couple weeks before I contact Paul, I had posted Jonah up for adoption, because we just couldn’t seem to train Jonah properly. I appreciate Paul’s hard work and dedication. I love the new Jonah, he much more pleasant to have around and hope to have him for years to come! Thank you Paul! God Bless!

Jolene Nowak

Paul has helped us so much! When our German shepherd pup became aggressive towards people and dogs he taught us how to handle him and after just a few training sessions he calmed down and we were able to bring him places. We never thought he would get to that point and now when we bring him places we get comments on how well behaved he is! He even lets people pet him!

Claudia Nolan

My experience with Paul/KrushK9 was life changing! My dog, Gibbs is a rescue & was in shelters until he was 9 months old & I got him. He was a handful! I’ve never had a dog that I wasn’t able to train myself. I need help! Paul came to my rescue! Gibbs was jumping on people, my furniture, running crazy through my house & not listening to any commands. Working with Paul & doing all that he showed on a daily basis changed the whole dynamic of our relationship & home. Gibbs is now the dog everyone loves to be around!  I could go on & on. Gibbs, my family & I are all so happy we found Paul!

Hailey Neluna

We got our golden doodle puppy, Zion, from an Amish farm in Pennsylvania. When we took him home everything was new to him from electricity, to walking on carpet, to interacting with people. He was kept in a dark basement with the rest of his litter and clearly had never received any affection from anyone. I wanted to get him trained and after doing some research, I decided to give Paul, from KrushK9, a shot. Due to Zion’s living conditions for the first 12 weeks of his life, he grew independent and made it clear that he wanted to be in charge. From just the first training with Paul, we went home with a new dog. Going into the training, Zions weaknesses were; not listening to us when we talked to him, not looking at us, biting everything, laying away from us, pulling on the leash, going wherever he pleased, and not showing interest in us at all. We have trained with Paul so far just three times and Zion is responding to his name, making eye contact with us, not biting anymore, listens to most of our commands, walks nicely on the leash while looking back at us to make sure we are beside him, and also shows us so much affection. We are beyond happy with how much we learned from Paul and can’t wait to see how much Zion progresses with future trainings with him. Every dog is different. They have different personalities and needs, and Paul takes the time to learn and evaluate your dog and is very passionate about training them. He also is very informative and you will leave the session so many new tips and information to get your dog to be the best they can be. I would definitely give KrushK9 a try before going anywhere else, you won’t be disappointed!

Judith Hall

The best of the best. I met Paul two years ago doing rescue transports. He taught me several commands to use with my passenger JJ, a delightful Pittbull dog. Paul spoke at our Pet Club meeting, and he had everyone’s attention so that you could hear a pin drop…. Paul is a marvelous speaker, great dog trainer, and all around great guy. I have recommended him to several people, and look forward to him coming to speak again to our Pet Club. All of our members loved him…and still speak about his visit.

Domenic Bussanich

Paul from Krushk9 is an amazing trainer and breeder. I purchased a GSD from Paul in February 2016. He was extremely helpful while we were looking for a puppy and provided a wealth of information regarding the litter as well as raising a dog in general. After purchasing a GSD with Paul, he continued to show his dedication to his litters as he provided training to all his puppies. He shared all his knowledge and training techniques as he wants to see all his dogs succeed. He is an excellent teacher who is extremely knowledgeable and truly cares about his dogs. It has been over 2 years since I got my GSD from Paul, and we still keep in touch regularly. We have regular weekly training sessions where I learn something new with each session. He always makes himself available for anything I need. I could not be happier with all the help I’ve received from Paul since Day 1. I don’t know where I would be without him.

Henry Czaikowski

Paul has been working with my dog Bentley who was out of control, lol. Now I walk Bentley instead of Bentley walking me. He has learned the meaning of no. I had to take a long trip so I decided to let Krush9 board him. After getting Bentley back I have decided that is the only man that will take care of my dog in my absence! Great experience and easy to deal with!

Dawn Wojcik

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how thrilled and amazed I am with a male German Shepherd puppy that I purchased from you June 2011. He was purchased for personal protection and companionship. This is only my second working dog and even with the limited knowledge that I have, he has continued to always know what he is supposed to do to protect me. Saber has nice drive with balanced instincts not to mention my vet tells me that his confirmation is wonderful too!  Everywhere I go I receive compliments on him. I LOVE THIS DOG. If you’re looking for the best then should definitely purchase a dog from KRUSHK9.

Jimmy C and K-9 Kaver

Paul I just wanted to thank you for all of your help prepare and train with me for my Police Dog Trial (PD-1) this September 2012. The dog is looking great and I know we will do well. Your knowledge and training really helped me to get my dog where he needed to be for competition and to thrive in the community he serves as a police dog.

Lauren K

Paul is the man. My fiancé and I know Paul from training Jiu Jitsu together. We purchased a GSD of Paul’s earlier this year. After she was born and strong enough, he basically let us come visit her whenever we wanted up until we could take her home. He also sent us pictures constantly. She’s beautiful. Ultimately, Paul is very dedicated to his craft, really cares, and is super knowledgeable about his training methods. He was always trying to work with our schedule for training sessions too. I would without a doubt recommend Paul for his training services.  

Darlene Levin

I think Paul truly has a passion for his training. He shares his other experiences with you and makes me feel as though he genuinely likes my dog. He offers at his home boarding care which I care about. I don t put my dogs in any kennel boarding. I really liked the fact that he will let clients know (social media) to meet at the dog parks on given days and gives his guidance from experience how to socialize your dog in this manner.