Pros and Cons of Crate Training your Dog

Reasons to Crate Train Your Dog

  • House Breaking
  • Animal Safety
  • Safe Transportation
  • Exposure to the crate and comfort in case of vetting or an emergency
  • prevention of damage to your home
  • prevention of eating potentially dangerous household items that can either harm or kill your dog
  • prevention of damaging your personal items, like your shoes or that brand new TV you just got—now your four legged friend managed to chew the power wire to it…(Frustrated?)
  • Creatures of habit, so why set up a routine of bad habits when you can set a routine for success and happiness
  • Introduction of a new dog into your home with an existing dog or cat
  • Drive Building and focus for working dogs

Crate Training Cons: (Consult a trainer for most of these)

  • Dog is super hyper the moment I let them out of the crate
  • I can’t get a leash and collar on them quick enough upon opening the crate to let my dog out
  • Dog whines and cries or barks when he or she is in the crate
  • Dog barks at other pets or people when in the crate