How KrushK9 Saved “Blitz”

This Doberman rescue has a great life ahead of him.  Krushk9 has successfully rescued and trained “Blitz” a doberman that would have otherwise been put down.  Originally he was misunderstood due to puppy behaviors that were out of control.  Who in their right mind wants a dog that nips all the time?  Blitz learned that it was fun to get reactions out of anyone who tried to pet him.  It was soon learned that he had no ill will on his mind and wouldn’t hurt a fly!

Paul was able to bond with him and get him to the next level in life and beyond. Blitz was a pleasure to train.  Overall he was a great dog that deserved a chance at life.

Trained in both English and German he was on his way to becoming a competition dog in obedience trials.  However, he was adopted by a loving family in the Richmond Virginia area before he ever got the chance to compete.

Thank god for them and best of luck.  Blitz’s new family is still in contact with Paul at KRUSHK9 to this very day.