Getting your Home Ready for a New Puppy

Picking up your puppy to bring home is exciting!  From my experiences most people want to hold their puppy on the ride home and I can’t blame them.  Some suggestions I have are to bring towels, a small crate in the event you need to stop for food or a bathroom break on a longer ride home, water, and a water bowl.

Car sickness can be a normal occurrence as most puppies don’t travel often before going home.  Also be prepared to stop if the puppy needs to go to the bathroom.

Did you ensure that your home is safe for your puppy prior to you picking them up?  Make sure theres nothing they can chew, swallow, or destroy when they are exploring their new home.  Given these points it might be best to arrange for better storage of things you don’t want them to get into.  As for wires, they love to chew wires! Take due diligence to make sure all wires are out of harms way from getting destroyed or harming your puppy.  Furthermore, strategic location of your dog crate, food and water bowls, and dog toys is important.

Puppy housebreaking tips:

  • A puppy can hold off going to the bathroom for roughly their age in months plus 1 hr. A 2 month old puppy can reasonably hold off on going to the bathroom for 3 hrs.   If they go longer, then consider yourself lucky.
  • Creatures of habit, most puppies will go the bathroom immediately after they eat or drink.  This is your chance to take them outside for a couple minutes to set them up for success.
  • You can try taking them to the same place in yard on a longer leash each time you go outside.
  • Making sure this place is always clean from previous “landmines” too 🙂
  • It’s important to consider crate training your new puppy as well.